iCare SMS - The ultimate safety management (SMS) software

Client / server application for a robust SMS organization

Compliant with the ICAO SMS framework v2, FAA SMS framework, EASA future rules
iCare SMS provides all the tools required to implement an efficient SMS organization. Having your safety data located on your local network is a key success factor: this assures your safety data privacy, an incredible speed (which enhances usage comfort and productivity) and the best integration with your company's local network. iCare SMS is a full safety organization toolkit, including the Generic SMS Manual (SMSM) and the generic hazards of the aviation industries.

Easy SMS organization set-up

Its user friendly interface allows an immediate and natural access to the core functions while advanced users can use direct SQL queries to design fully customized outputs. The unique HUD (Head Up Display) board  displays the entire SMS organization and immediately highlights the pending issues (Gap analysis, safety policy & personnel, newly reported hazards, risks to be assessed or improperly mitigated, audits coming due, overdue corrective & preventive actions, levels of risk exceeding the safety target, etc.).




client / server software - Total data privacy and security
- Your safety database is located in your premises (not accessed across internet)


efficient - Designed by aviation specialists
- Focused on productivity
- Extremely reliable and quick
- Automatically generates your monthly safety report (1 click)
- 100% available, even when the internet connection in down


Safety policy / risk identification, risk assessment and mitigation/ safety assurance / safety promotion Includes the 4 pilars of the SMS framework
- Safety policy
- Risk management
- Safety Assurance
- Safety promotion

and also ....
- Safety personnel
- SMS Manual
- Integrated safety performance monitoring
- Audits, survey, investigations
- Reporting (including voluntary and anonymous reports)
- and much more...


cost effective - Costed to make Safety a profit center

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SMS, as the latest business approach to safety, is moving toward a performance-based system which describe objectives and allow each regulated entity to develop its own system for achieving the objectives (Refer to the SARPs: Standards and Recommended Pratices). This SMS approach is effective to all hazard industries, and especially to commercial aviation (to include airlines, repair organizations, airports, airworthiness management compagnies and manufacturers). iCare SMS implement all the tools required to set and manage a safety system based on the SMS. Several templates are included for the main aviation industries (airlines, airports, repair organizations).

iCare SMS SSP Edition is also available for the oversight authorities. This edition is specifically designed to collect all safety events from the safety service providers and compute the National safety indicators automatically (iCare Standard Edition / Enterprise Edition & the SSP Edition communicate each other to import / export safety related data)

Download the demo version of iCare SMS:

download i-Care SMS

SMS requirements

The International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) set the bases of the SMS framework (DOC 9859) wich is widely used by the ICAO member states to implement their state safety program (SSP). Each member states defined an effective date to enforce the requirement and its implementation plan:

- Canada Transport
- India
- Bermuda
- Cayman Island
- IATA (as a part of the IOSA audit program)

iCare SMS is designed to comply efficiently to the above SMS frameworks. It is minded by aviation specialists to implement a robust SMS and to integrate safety management pratices in all hazard industries.

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